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Life Coaching is the new change process of the Twenty-First Century. It has been traditionally associated with sports. However, when one considers the importance of a respectful approach to personal and professional relationships, the coaching dynamic intentionally attempts to build on rapport and encouragement. A coaching psychotherapist, who has the best interests of their client in mind, does not perceive their client as “what is wrong with you?” but rather “what have you got going for you”? The client or “coachee” is asked key questions thereby challenging the “coachee” to find answers from within him/herself based on their values, preferences and unique perspective.

The “coachee” is encouraged to look at the healthy makeup of their personality and build healthy activities to strengthen who they are, i.e., the “coachee” is taught to heal him/herself and maintain their own state of emotional health. The basic premise is to train the “coachee” to be a “self-coach”.

Life Coaching goals are to relieve suffering through awareness, understanding, and personal change. By providing a safe and reliable setting to become familiar with all the different parts of one ’s self, Coaching allows a person to integrate the various parts into a harmonious pattern.

Psychotherapy helps troubled individuals to explore and investigate their innermost thoughts, feelings and remove emotional behaviors in an effort to help them attain a greater degree of self awareness personal accountability and contentment with themselves and others with who they are in relationship.

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