Employee Assistance Program

New Life Potentials has provided EAP services for three decades to many business corporations and public organizations. In the opinion of our organization, the EAP program is and has been one of the most successful healing approaches in the history of counseling protocol. The program reaches thousands of individuals and families through the workplace who otherwise could not afford or initiate counseling services to resolve the stressful challenges of life.

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are plans that help identify and resolve issues facing stressed employees through short-term counseling, referrals to specialized professionals or organizations and follow-up services. Many EAPs also train business owners and supervisors to recognize and deal with behavioral problems in the workforce. These programs are not designed to provide long-term treatment, but as Business Week noted, "they do offer a safe environment where an employee can discuss problems with a counselor who then makes a confidential assessment, and if necessary, gives a referral to a mental-health or other community assistance program.” Indeed, business experts regard them as a potentially valuable tool in reversing dysfunctional behavior in the workplace.

First created in response to business concerns about the impact of employee alcohol and drug abuse on bottom-line productivity, employee assistance programs (EAPs) are now designed to deal with a wider range of issues confronting workers today. Modern EAP systems are designed to help workers with other problems as well, such as family and/or marriage counseling, depression, stress, gambling addiction, financial difficulties, crisis planning, illness among family or co-workers, and pre-retirement planning.

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