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After years of experience with one-to-one, in office face-to-face therapy, we are converting our office therapy practice exclusively to On-Line Therapy (see advantages & restrictions of on page) in keeping with the growing demand for this type of service.

Extensive research has shown Cyber counseling to be just as effective and with some issues more effective than in-office service. Its primary advantage is attending therapy/counseling in the privacy and comfort of a living room, car, on vacation, while traveling, during lunch breaks or maybe while walking through the park enjoying the out-of-doors.  Many individuals utilize this service while serving in a foreign country where therapy opportunities are vastly limited and certainly not available in the English language.

Advantages of Online Therapy
a) Flexibility: One of the reasons people need convenience is because of their busy lifestyles. Perhaps you are working over sixty hours a week and just don’t have time to drive to a counseling office. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home or single parent and can’t find a babysitter. Online counseling can be a great way for you to get the help you need without adding additional stress to your busy life.

b) Travel: You are on the road a lot. Given this situation, it can be difficult to maintain regular appointments. At the end of the day on the road stress can be relieved and long-term therapy can be conducted in your hotel room.

c)  Rural living: Most therapy services are provided in major cities with those in rural areas experiencing limited access to mental health services. On-line therapy can be available for you in your own home during the day, evening or weekends.

d)  Physical disability; A chronic illness or a physical issue that make leaving home and driving to a therapist’s office impossible. On-line therapy is ideal for those with limited mobility. It allows you to obtain therapy assistance from the comfort of your home.

e) Mental health issues; You have a mental health disorder that prevents you from leaving your home, anxiety, PTSD, agoraphobe, etc. where having to leave your home exposes you to triggers that become overwhelming and increase your difficulty to handle your emotions. With on-line therapy, there is no having to face outside world issues that cause you distress.

f) Privacy; When it comes to online therapy, you can rest assured that no one will know you are receiving mental health treatment. All our cyber connections are encrypted and only you and our therapist will have any knowledge of your therapy activities.

g) Geographic relocation; Having to relocate geographically for any reason does not create a hiatus in your therapy process. On-line therapy provides you with a consistent therapy process. There is no anxiety over having to start a therapy process from the beginning. With on-line therapy, you take your therapist with you.

h) No Fee; For your first sessions with us. This initial session is available to your for any questions you might have about on-line therapy and an opportunity to see if on-line therapy fits your needs. Thanks for your interest in us.

Forms of on-line therapy:
a) Video or what is commonly known as Skype provides face-to-face sessions, not unlike sitting in an office talking face-to-face with the therapist. In this respect, you are comfortable in your own home. This is service is totally confidential and protected by an encrypted process.

b) E-mail where one is engaged primarily in the type-written word. Some are more comfortable expressing themselves in written form as opposed to video. In this scenario, the client puts their issues in an e-mail format. We read the contribution and return it to you with our clinical observations and recommendations.

Restrictions or disadvantages of on-line therapy:

Online therapy is not right for everyone. It is not recommended for those who are in a state of crisis, having suicidal thoughts, or who present a danger to others. In addition, if you are experiencing a violent relationship, are experiencing psychosis, or have severe substance abuse issues, you will need to seek out face-to-face, physically present with a therapist. On-line therapy cannot respond to emergency situations.

We offer our client a “sliding-scale” fee structure. This concept provides for the affordability of professional services for those though-out the financial income spectrum. Please refer to Fee-Structure here.


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