Philosophy & Mission

Our mission is motivating people to discover their essential self, uncover innate potentials, capabilities and develop the ability to live an energized purposeful and meaningful life.

Holding to our philosophy that "perception determines behavior”, we encourage our clients to first examine themselves, their communication styles, their self-image, etc., to ensure that what is projected by their personality, rather it be in the workplace, at home or community settings, becomes that which is perceived to be authentic and real. An authentic personality projection promotes trust, reliability and confidence in the eyes of those with whom relationship are being built.

All of us live out our lives in the state that Viktor Frankl describes as "in search of meaning”. This is basically because all of us have an inner compulsion to understand the reasons for our existence and to make sense of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Meaninglessness is our greatest threat in life. For without meaning, life spawns a sense a sense of futility, worthlessness and depression. Those who survived the holocaust were those individuals who found purpose and meaning during their forced imprisonment.

Frankl contends and our company philosophy supports his contention that an individual’s very basic need in life is to know who we are, where we are going and what we are up to. What we fail to realize is that there is an unfailing method whereby we can develop meaningfulness that is always available to us. It is found in identifying ‘self’, accepting our uniqueness and searching out our individual capabilities, potentials and life goals. Once, "a realistic self” is in place, life events, instead of being meaningless, worthless and depressive, become events to turn into opportunities for passionate and purposeful living.

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