Sexual Addictions

Sexual addiction, also known as sexual compulsivity, is any sexual behavior which has become out-of-control, resulting in shame, secrecy and despair for the individual and his or her family members. People with sexually addictive/compulsive behavior often report that they have developed a double life, are isolated, and overwhelmed by anxiety or depression. The behavior often impacts the individual's relationships, family life and work or school.  Sexual addiction is often rooted in past trauma, neglect or abuse.

Sexual issues that tend to control one’s life are one of life’s most difficult experiences to deal with in a healthy manner. Most of us and in particular Christians, have not been brought up with a healthy view of sexuality. Added to the basic need for effective and healthy need for appropriate education, our society is so steeped in portraying explicit sexuality in our media and other communication systems that one’s minds are constantly deluged by sexually explicit advertisements. Trying to escape from sexual addictions usually having their origin in childhood experiences is an imprint difficult to overcome.

Our own personal and successful struggle with negative imprinted sexual challenges is the kind of experience that will provide our clients with the means and support to escape their addictions.

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