Sexual Abuse

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines child sex abuse as any sexual act of touching, fondling, or penetration between a minor and an adult. Child sexual abuse also includes exploitation, which can be anything from using the child to make pornographic images to showing pornography to a child. Sexual abuse occurs in nearly 100,000 cases per year, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. The backgrounds of a sexually abused child and child predator are many; they come from poor, middle class, and upper class homes. There is some indication that child sexual abuse occurs more in middle class homes, but there is no culture or religion that is more prone to commit sexual abuse. Many have the belief that only young girls are molested by male perpetrators, however, statistics show that both boys and girls suffer from male and female predators. There is no gender barrier, education barrier, or income barrier when it comes to having to cope with sexual abuse.

Our own personal experience and successful struggle with imprinted sexual challenges enable us to provide our clients with the necessary means and support to escape their addictions.

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