Relationship Disruptions

Whether relationship disruptions are between spouse, siblings, friends, lovers, employers, church members, etc... the result is the same – anger, guilt, grief and fear. If not treated realistically, all of these four main emotional categories disrupt not only the external relationship, but can and often does create disastrous emotional and physiological effects internally that have the potential of extreme psychiatric and bodily disease if not effectively resolved. A person with a healthy personality is one who is aware of his/her feelings and channels them into positive life encounters with others and with self. An individual experiencing an unhealthy emotional and/or physiological life style, (usually unidentified specifically) is often accompanied with a feeling of “self-estrangement” or of “feeling lost”. When persons who are caught up in unresolved anger, guilt, grief or fear are asked to explain their often irrational decisions and behavior, they will inevitably reply, ‘I have no idea why I make the choices I make.”

The remedy to relationship disruption is painful, but simply applied. One must first become Aware that they have a disruptive issue, secondly Accept and take responsibility for the issue and lastly, Actualize, make active decisions to resolve the issue.

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