Pre-Marital Readiness Assessments

Every individual is affected by their perception of themselves and their reality. If one’s choices in life are skewed as a result of either childhood traumas or unfortunate life experiences, the person will make choices based on unrealistic emotional or cognitive perceptions. Should these perceptions be “unrealistic”, it follows that ‘the choice’ will be unrealistic. Example: Many individuals subconsciously decide to marry a person whose personality is similar to “mom” or “dad”. The rational in the subconscious is to resolve inner needs never satisfied by a parent. Not only do the partners suffer trauma in the later years of their marriage, their children absorb the same generational imprints and pass it on to their children. All of this can be avoided by combining their love for each other along with a realistic appraisal of their personalities and the potentials of either a negative or positive relationship.

Before entering into a life-time commitment to a spouse, we encourage you to give us the privilege of assessing your inner most needs and assist you in making those choices that will be personally fulfilling and contribute to bringing out your full potential and that of your future spouse.

The assessment is rather inexpensive, is available to couples within two weeks. The assessment can be conducted on-line.

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