Our years of experience working with the dynamics of divorce and remarriage has shown us that unless an individual has gone through a divorce “debriefing” process (Grief Therapy), they will inevitably be attracted to a similar personality type of the divorced spouse, commit themselves to re-marriage and find out within a few short months that they have re-married their ex-spouse even though the individual they married is a totally different personality. The resulting relationship becomes a repeat of marital history and marital discord; the very reason individuals sought divorce from their original spouse.

The trauma of this process can be avoided if the individual having been divorced seeks personality assessments to ferret out their subconscious needs that compelled them to again choose unwisely. Once identified, the individual can engage in seeking out what can be a “positive selection” for a new relationship. Nationally, over 60% of the population is caught up in this “negaholic syndrome”... The intensity to “merge” as a couple is often found not to be love, but an attraction to an individual who appears to meet unconscious and unresolved parental needs.

New Life Potentials encourages those who have been divorced to seek pre-marital coaching and assessment prior to making a decision to re-marry. 

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